Special Access Rides

Have you ever really wanted to impress your friends with a special access ride? If so, then read on.

There are a few special privileges to those people who know Disneyland well. It isn’t advertised, but if you ever wanted to enhance a friend or family members trip or celebrate a birthday or occasion with a little extra flair, consider one of these special access rides. These rides are never guaranteed, and they are up to the decision of the engineers, but if you ask politely, smile big and are willing to perhaps wait a little you can be one of the special people who get a ride bonus.

On the Railroad
Did you know that if you board the #1 Engine (C K Holliday) or the #2 Engine (E P Ripley) at Main Street Railroad Station, you can ask to ride the tender? (That’s up front with the engineer and fireman.) It’s true; the tender can only seat one to two small adults. Ask the conductor (the person opening the gate) and the engineer, if no one else has called the seat, you may ride the tender. Be aware that this is a very warm place to sit and you must ride entirely around the park, but it is well worth it. The engineer and firemen love to talk about the trains and how it works.

On the Mark Twain
If taking a special access ride makes your day at Disneyland, try boarding the Mark Twain Riverboat and quickly climb the stairs as high as you are allowed to go. Before the boat takes off you may ask the engineer to ride in the booth. You may be asked sign the ships log and ring the bell along the way. It’s a great view and very few people know about it. There is only about enough room for 3 adults.

On the Monorail
The only other special access ride I’m aware of is in the front, or back of the Monorail. More people are aware of this ride, and about 4-5 adults can ride along with the engineer. The secret is to walk all the way to the front and be the first person in line. If people get out of the front then you have a better chance to ride. The Monorail is one of the fastest rides at Disneyland and you can ride it one-way or round trip from the front.

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