Author Fields Disneyland Questions

Covering everything from hidden Mickeys to the best time to visit Disneyland, author Kendra Trahan shares the questions she hears most.

What is a Hidden Mickey?
Hidden Mickey refers to the symbol of Mickey Mouse. Typically, the symbol has three circles forming the shape of Mickey’s head. Hidden Mickeys are scattered throughout the park creating a scavenger hunt for Disney guests.

What is “Treasure and Trivia,” found in your book?
Treasure & Trivia can be movie props from films, famous people who may have worked at Disneyland, or just interesting information. An example is in the Star Tours attraction, the R2D2 unit and C3PO are the movie props from the original Star Wars film.

How can teachers or parents best utilize the “Lessons to Learn?”
Walt Disney always tried to entertain the public while having them learning something new. Here parents and teachers can help children appreciate their favorite Disney attractions by going home and reading more about the subject. For example when you ride Pirates of the Caribbean, you load at Lafitte’s Landing. Jean Lafitte was a true pirate in New Orleans who made so much money he paid off officials and became legitimate businessman and politician.

Why are the Windows on Main Street USA so important?
The entrance to Disneyland is built a lot like a movie theater, the second floor windows on Main Street U.S.A. are like movie credits. Walt chose specific people who made significant contributions to Disneyland and honored them with their name and fictitious businesses. Some of the businesses are jokes or personal hobbies, and Chapter Three lets you in on those inside jokes.

Where did you find all this information? OR How long have you been working on the book?
Over the last five years, I’ve read over 300 books and magazines collecting interesting information. In addition I’ve traveled across the country to interview many of the Imagineers who worked with Walt Disney to share in Disneyland Detective.

Where is the book available?
In your local book store, Compass Books at Downtown Disney, and favorite web sites like and Amazon. Or come hear a presentation at a local book event coming up:

–Kendra Trahan is the author of *Disneyland Detective

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